Mose Allison : Ever Since I Stole The Blues

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Mose Allison : Ever Since I Stole The Blues from Paul Bernays on Vimeo.

The opening of my BBC film about the singular and influential Jazz Blues singer and pianist Mose Allison. His songs always meant a lot to me so it was more than great to make this with him. Among those singing his praises here are Pete Townsend, Van Morrisson, Loudon Wainwright, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt and the late lamented Joel Dorn.

Produced by the irreplaceable Svetlana Palmer. Shot by Chris Morphet, Jeff Baines, Will Jacob and myself.

36 Comments on “Mose Allison : Ever Since I Stole The Blues”

  1. 1 Michael Kropp said at 12:31 am on January 1st, 2011:


    Is this Mose Allison film being shown anywhere in the US? In theatres, television, etc?



  2. 2 paul said at 2:27 pm on January 1st, 2011:

    Hi Michael,

    The Mose Allison film has played at several festivals but sadly no US broadcasters have picked it up, the reason being that some of the archive performance footage copyright payments would be too high. Sadly it’s something that’s a stumbling block to many music documentaries getting shown more widely. In Mose’s case it’s a real shame as he’s a real American treasure.

  3. 3 Thomas said at 2:43 am on March 19th, 2011:

    Has there been a DVD release scheduled?

  4. 4 rick koler said at 4:31 am on March 24th, 2011:

    Besides all the rest, Mose was a good roomie of Carl Fontana, and Al Belletto at

    If they had only recorded those Jam sessions in Mose’s car at L.S.U. -
    there was an ordinance against playing a
    musical instrument inside the student
    housing domitories.

    Why doesn’t anybody mention the other instruments he plays

  5. 5 paul said at 9:05 pm on March 26th, 2011:

    Hi Rick, I’d love to have heard some of those LSU sessions too. The full Mose film does feature his gorgeous trumpet playing on Trouble in Mind but he gave it up after that (late 50s). He sings like he played it though don’t he!

  6. 6 paul said at 9:08 pm on March 26th, 2011:

    Hi Thomas,

    As I replied to Michael above, the film has played at several festivals but sadly no US broadcasters have picked it up, the reason being that some of the archive performance footage copyright payments would be too high. Sadly it’s something that’s a stumbling block to many music documentaries getting shown more widely. In Mose’s case it’s a real shame as he’s a real American treasure. Do though get in touch with me if you’d like a DVD.

  7. 7 greg brown said at 2:52 am on April 30th, 2011:

    would love to see the film–
    love mose–
    wrote a song about him, long time ago—
    “mose allison played here”
    would sure love to get a dvd– thanks—-

  8. 8 Corsica said at 4:19 am on April 30th, 2011:

    Mose inspired this poor white boy to sing the blues:

  9. 9 Virginia Donelson said at 7:20 pm on June 25th, 2011:

    Might I purchase a DVD of your Mose Allison film? Was introduced to him in the 60′s by a musician. Would love to own and view your film. Thanks.

  10. 10 paul said at 11:52 pm on June 26th, 2011:

    Hi Greg (very esteemed to have you visit the site sir) and Virginia too, I’ve replied to you by mail. Corsica, that’s very inspired, great stuff, wish I had your chops and ability to remix the lyrics!
    Thanks to all, Paul

  11. 11 Ben Korzelius said at 10:00 am on August 11th, 2011:

    Hello Paul,

    We’re very proud to announce that Mr. Mose allison will perform in one of the oldest jazzvenues in Dordrecht-Holland on oktober 29th. See our website:
    I am looking forward to this.

    jazzy greetz from Holland!

  12. 12 said at 8:18 pm on September 24th, 2011:

    Just heard Don’t get around much any more. Is this on new CD ?


  13. 13 John said at 11:48 pm on September 25th, 2011:

    Truly, as stated, an American treasure whose music must be maintained in the Smithsonian, National Archives and/or the Library of Congress. Future generations will appreciate his unique qualities. One of the most creative of all time.

  14. 14 Scott Wright said at 11:48 pm on September 26th, 2011:

    As waiting for some one else to show or broadcast your Mose Allison documentary seems to be a Waiting for Godot prospect, I am taking matters into my own hands. What must I do to obtain a DVD? I MUST have it! Please let me know. Seing Mose three times at the Jazz Bakery in Culver City, CA provided some of my fondest memories. Thank you for making Ever Since I Stole the Blues.

  15. 15 GW said at 2:40 pm on October 15th, 2011:

    Mose Occupies your ear.

    Western Man

  16. 16 Stephen said at 9:20 pm on December 24th, 2011:

    Hardly a single Sunday lunch passed by in our family home in the 70′s without the Seventh Son album getting played. Love every note. Had the pleasure of hearing him live in Dublin once (attended by Bono). Listening to him on spotify here in France which led me to this site. Love to get a copy of this DVD. Please let me know how to buy one!

  17. 17 Margret RoadKnight said at 12:36 am on January 1st, 2012:

    Greetings from Australia, Paul.

    I’m a professional singer, and great admirer of Mose Allison (several of his songs in my repertoire, many more on the “eventually” list).
    Very keen to purchase your DVD. Look forward to hearing from you with details.

    Margret RoadKnight

  18. 18 Hannah said at 1:52 am on March 21st, 2012:

    Hi, would love to see this film. My mom saw it at the Trylon Theater in MPLS and was raving about it. I want to buy a copy. Thank you for this jazz contribution!

  19. 19 KC, said at 2:57 am on April 22nd, 2012:

    Ran across this delightful clip while doing a web search on current/recent Mose Allison material. Is it still possible to purchase a DVD?
    - KC, Jefferson City, Missouri

  20. 20 Raul X. Garcia said at 9:00 pm on June 16th, 2012:

    You would think with all the time and effort that went into this documentary, the licensing issues would have been researched and resolved up front.

    Time to go back to the editing room and cut a version suitable for broadcast.

  21. 21 chris scribner said at 4:13 am on July 31st, 2012:

    Is this film available as a DVD? I’d be interested in purchasing, if so … If not, it should be!

  22. 22 Mats said at 10:49 am on August 5th, 2012:

    Love your music very much, Mr. Allison. (My wife too – her father used to play it all the time during my wifes childhood.) I would really like to see the film here on swedish television, but if that aint possible (not right now at least), I would very much like to buy a copy of the DVD!
    Best regards

  23. 23 doug miller said at 4:44 pm on August 23rd, 2012:

    interested in a couple of your dvd’s – mose, 1959, etc…

  24. 24 Maggie said at 12:23 pm on August 25th, 2012:

    Paul–I’m a little late hearing about your film, but not less tickled about it! Please let me know how to buy a DVD of it–the 1:37 minutes on Vimeo are a great teaser! Thanks–Best wishes–

    ps: I can’t help but think that, with the NEA awarding Mose a Jazz Masters next January, surely someone in the US will want to make your film public! Fingers crossed.

  25. 25 Clarke Keown said at 2:12 pm on October 16th, 2012:

    Hi Paul,

    I’d love to see the dvd as well. I got to see Mose at the Jazz Corner in Hilton Head, SC about a year ago. He actually came up to our table and talked with my girlfriend and me for a a few minutes. Very nice, humble man. I’ve been a fan for quite some time. Let me know what I can do to get a copy!

  26. 26 Deb said at 4:47 pm on November 1st, 2012:

    I am very interested in purchasing this DVD. My husband has been a fan of Mose for nearly 50 years. He has followed him to several cities in the US and was so disappointed that the Elgin IL show was cancelled. This would make the ultimate Christmas present. I’ve searched online but cannot find it available. Do you have a site that I’ve not come across? Thank you so much for your reply.

  27. 27 Wayne said at 9:18 pm on February 19th, 2013:

    If a DVD is available I’d LOVE to have one.



  28. 28 Robert Smith said at 8:22 pm on March 16th, 2013:

    can i get a dvd?

  29. 29 Scott Osborne said at 7:34 pm on May 26th, 2013:

    Have been into Mose since hearing “Seventh Son” in Kansas on Wes Bowen’s late night jazz program from KSL Salt Lake City. That would have been before 1963. The music has never left my mind. Do please let me know how I can purchase a DVD.

  30. 30 Walt Allan said at 3:51 pm on June 5th, 2013:

    Please let me know how to order a DVD.
    Regards from Maine, USA

  31. 31 Greg R said at 3:11 pm on June 10th, 2013:

    As others have asked, can you tell me how to purchase a copy of this on DVD please?

    I love Mose more than I can say and would treasure seeing this film.


  32. 32 Guido Mueller said at 12:28 pm on October 6th, 2013:

    Wow, I’m late… Just wanted to know whether Mose plays Europe again, found out he retired from live playing and stumbled over your great trailer. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see him 2008 in Germany. After the gig I shook his hand and he signed my favorite record “dont worry about a thing”. Would love to get a copy of the dvd! Thanks in advance

  33. 33 Burl said at 2:46 am on November 21st, 2013:

    I would love to get a DVD as a retirement gift for my friend David who’s a big Mose fan. We got to see Mose in Atlanta some years ago. If a DVD is available please let me know how to obtain one.


  34. 34 Margaret Buchholz said at 7:59 am on February 1st, 2014:

    Was talking to drummer Richard Crooks recently, who played with Mose in Sausalito, where I first heard him in the early ’70s, and got to thinking about him and found this site. Would love to buy the DVD. Thanks.

  35. 35 Geoff said at 6:16 pm on February 3rd, 2014:

    Count me in on a DVD release. The music from Mose has rewired my brain over these many years.

  36. 36 Mark Andrews said at 12:25 am on March 19th, 2014:

    I’ve been listening to Mose since the late 70′s but never got to see him. I’d love a DVD. Please let me know if that can happen!

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