Richard Thompson re show

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Just to let you know that my doc about the great Richard Thompson is showing again, featuring…

Billy Connolly ‘Richard’s the guy who kicked folk music’s arse
Bonnie Raitt
‘He steers his ship clear of the showbiz slagheap we’re in’
Martin Carthy
‘Bob Dylan is the American Richard Thompson’
Linda Thompson ‘Richard was a prude and a pain – but so was I’
Loudon Wainwright
‘When they were getting divorced their concerts were great entertainment!’
and Richard Thompson ‘I have this love / hate relationship with the suburbs.’

Narration                           Camera
John Peel                          Chris Morphet

Executive Producer             Director/Producer       
Mark Cooper                      Paul Bernays

One Comment on “Richard Thompson re show”

  1. 1 John Bernays said at 1:55 pm on October 25th, 2012:

    Richard Thompson is a Great Inspiration. He, Pentangle, SteelEye Span, Fairport Convention, all British Folk-Rock (?) groups were strong in my Youth. (Born 1949)

    Were you not involved in Little Bobby Zimmermann’s meteroific rise to Glory in NYC?

    Knowing what I do about music biz, there is No Way, Jose’, that People would be Following Bob Dylan around with super 8 cameras , and all, if he did not had a “Godfather” to lead him, a MOSES…as it were, Nu?

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